Established in 1987, AWL offer in-depth knowledge, experience and expertise in Inspection and Non Destructive Testing (NDT) Services

Weld Procedure & Qualifications

Welder Qualification and Certificates

AWL Inspection can provide certified welding inspectors with a wealth of specialised welding knowledge and experience throughout the process of qualification and certification of your welders.

AWL Inspection will support weld procedure and performance qualification to assist in achieving welder certification with accredited third-party approval resulting in a qualified generic Welder Qualification Certificate. This forms part of the process to developing a Weld Procedure Specification.

Weld Procedure Specification & Weld Procedure Qualification Record

A Weld Procedure Specification (WPS) is supported by a Weld Procedure Qualification Record (WPQR) which is a record of a Weld Test (sometimes called a provisional WPS or pWPS). This weld test is performed under stringent conditions and tested thoroughly using non-destructive testing (NDT) methods and mechanical testing at an accredited laboratory- ensuring that the procedure will effectively produce a good quality weld. Catalogued information is collated throughout the welding process and combined with material and consumable certification to produce the final WPQR.

Once the test weld is successfully completed a WPS is produced detailing: Relevant material alloy, type of welding used, specific codes and/or engineering associations.

The WPS will then act as a guide to welders or operators enabling consistent, trusted welding practices when followed directly to the parameters detailed in the document.

What We Do

AWL Inspection will assist fabricators requiring or applying for a Welding Procedure from the preparation, trials and running of provisional procedures to the complete Weld Procedure. Each procedure produced will incorporate an anticipated combination of essential variables inclusive of welding parameters, ranges of materials, diameters/ thicknesses for specific work scopes.

Our highly qualified and experience inspectors will offer guidance and support throughout the process and carry out NDT as required to supply fast results and assure comprehensive third-party approval.

All work that we pursue is in accordance with National, European, and Internationally recognised standards, including (but not limited to):

BS EN ISO 15614 (welding procedure range)

BS EN 287 (welder qualification)

BS EN ISO 9606 (welder qualification range)

ASME IX (weld procedure and welder performance)

BS 4872 welder competence (welder qualification range)

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