Radiographic testing is a widely used technique for volumetric non-destructive testing. Penetrating radiation using X-rays or gamma rays is passed through a solid object to produce an image of the objects internal structure on to a film to identify most defects. Radiographic testing can be applied on parts which have been welded, cast, or forged and applied across a range of sectors.

Radiographic inspections are carried out in accordance with approved techniques and procedures and assessed against applicable specifications. Our technicians are highly trained radiation protection supervisors (RPS) and work under strict legislative requirements under controlled conditions in accordance with ironising radiation regulations (IRR), Health and Safety Executive and Environment Agency.

At AWL Inspection we have a wide range of radiography equipment to inspect parts of varying size and shape including:

160kv CP Unit

200-300kv Radiography Sets

Radiography Crawlers

We can carry out radiography inspection in-house and on site. *

*Please note, the HSE specify that any transportable items must be brought to our premises for radiography inspection.

In-House Radiography

Our facility is equipped with a large purpose-built radiography bay (8x8m) and two smaller bays enabling us to accommodate a variety of sizes and shapes. We offer a flexible service with quick turnaround times to a high standard.

On Site Radiography

When the component exceeds the size guidelines outlined by the HSE we can carry out radiography on site under stringent controls and in line with legislative requirements. This is applicable across a wide variety of sectors.

Pipeline Radiography

Our technicians are highly experienced in providing pipeline radiography services having worked on many major pipelines across the UK & Ireland. The variety of radiography equipment we hold allows our technicians the flexibility they require to accommodate the complexities and specific requirements unique to pipeline radiography. The pipeline crawlers we have available are designed to produce single wall, single image of circumferential welds in pipelines. The application of these and/ or our radiography equipment enables us to provide a complete pipeline radiography service.

Our technicians operate within strict safety parameters and produce high quality results applying interpretation skills that been acquired over many years of experience.

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